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Welcome to Downtown Central Point, Oregon

We love to work with downtown associations. How can we help?

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Rogue Creamery

311 North Front St.
Downtown Central Point


Places to Eat & Drink

Dixie Fat Cats
3400 Old Stage Road
Downtown Central Point

Mark Nichols
895 Forest Glen Drive
Downtown Central Point

Palms Cafe
501 South Front St
Downtown Central Point

Bear Creek Kitchen
125 Pech Road
Downtown Central Point

Home Cookin
5454 Upton Road
Downtown Central Point

Bear Kountry Kettle Korn
5035 Del Mar Drive
Downtown Central Point

Pioner Restaurant
217 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

507 South Front St
Downtown Central Point

Cuisine Dejour
625 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

Eat in the Raw
5030 Crestwood Avenue
Downtown Central Point

Old Farmhouse Restaurant
6781 Highway 62
Downtown Central Point

Triple Tree Restaurant
4999 Highway 234
Downtown Central Point

Senor Sams
131 North Front St
Downtown Central Point

Big Town Hero
1205 Plaza Boulevard # C
Downtown Central Point

Taqueria Los Toritos
6011 Harris Road
Downtown Central Point

Confederated Tribes-Rogue-Tabl
40 North Front St # 4
Downtown Central Point

Human Bean
536 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

Purple Parrot
227 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

Whiskey Riverorporated
1 West Gregory Road
Downtown Central Point

Rostel's Restaurant & Bar
311 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

1767 Timothy St
Downtown Central Point

La Casita Housekeeping
204 Wells Road
Downtown Central Point

Human Bean/Gk West Corp
1104 East Vilas Road
Downtown Central Point

Food Court
1600 East Pine St
Downtown Central Point

Jimmy John's
12297 Blackwell Road
Downtown Central Point

Places to Stay

Medford Hotel Inn & Suites
1777 La Rue Dr
Downtown Central Point

Super 8 Central Pt Medford OR
4999 Biddle Rd
Downtown Central Point

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Medford-Central
285 Peninger Rd
Downtown Central Point

The Willows
3347 Old Stage Rd
Downtown Central Point

We Love Downtown

Rebekah Gellert
I am visiting for the first time tomorrow evening, and am hoping to find out about any events that may be happening for the Memorial Day weekend. Dining tips, etc! Thank you!

Dorothy schneibolk
We plan to visit

Laurie MvNamara
Love all the shopping and beautiful place to be!

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Jennifer Murphy
It's our town!

Judy Caverly
Interesting shops, good restaurants, friendly people.

Schuyler Judd
Interesting people and shops!

Randy Mazzocco
Iam on my way next month

Angela Corrigan
Convenient, friendly. Stayed at Kermit inn.

Downtown Salem is getting better and better - love the small businesses!

Michelle Kleyne
Great vibe

Kristin Miller
Things you can't find anywhere else

Kathy Tidmarsh
will be staying in Aug. 2017 and looking forward to enjoying your town

High quality group of restaurants and wonderful shops! Authentic old fashioned down-town atmosphere brings it all together very well.

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

lyndi hatch
It has such great shopping.

Megan H.
I love being able to browse a variety of my favorite restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of convenient parking. Enjoying local fare and live music downtown after a grilling day at the office makes every day feel like the weekend.

Kimberly Turner
We love to vacation and visit downtown.

Sking King
I love walking through downtown when the sun finally comes out. You can get a great organic meal at one place, yummy sushi nearby, and awesome beer. Not to mention the Criterion has fabulous shows.

We will be making our first visit to downtown Grant's Pass and would love to have a discount card to use while shopping there.

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