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Fun things to do in downtown Chatham, Massachusetts

Why do you love downtown?

the scenery, the people, love the activities that go on, even on holidays Ashland is the best to be in, the adventures and animals you can see on a daily bases, and most of all, kid friendly

Channal Styers
Will be my first visit taking Easter train ride on Saturday to Watertown super excited see what in this great town!

Caren Murphy
Cute shops, great crab cakes, friendly.

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Carrie Homier
6 women looking to explore the area. We will be there Feb. 18th. Whatever you can do to open our wallets easier and more economical would be much appreciated and fun! Thank you.

443 Main St

443 Main St
Downtown Chatham

Downtown Chatham Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Chatham can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

512 main street

Chatham Bars Inn
297 Shore Rd

Chatham Gables Inn
364 Old Harbor Rd.

Old Harbor Inn
22 Old Harbor Rd

The Chatham Motel
1487 Main Street

Queen Anne Inn
70 Queen Anne Rd