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Places to Eat & Drink

Devil's Kitchen

750 West Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

Joe's Place

750 West Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

El Paradiso

1220 West Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

Coquille Broiler

2 North Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

Fat Tuesdays Mardi Gras Grill

331 Highway 42 East # 1
Downtown Coquille

Al Colonial

1220 West Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

Red Rooster Cafe & Hen House L

93937 Highway 42 South
Downtown Coquille

Chips Ahoy Cutting

886 West 17th St
Downtown Coquille

Tadd's Restaurant & Lounge

90 West 1st St
Downtown Coquille


809 North Central Boulevard
Downtown Coquille

Places to Stay

We Love Downtown

Crstal Howley
Hoping to enjoy your downtown. This is my first trip!!!

Jennifer Murphy
It's our town!

Crystal Stewart
I grew up,visiting Emelton.

Kathy Burchett
I've never been and I would like to visit the downtown area, during my visit. During our last visit, we were not aware of a downtown area. Thank You!!!

kelly jordan
shops and food

Kim Patrick
There is a lot of unique things to find.

Holly Harms
We are visiting for the first time!

Tim Dygert
Very cool stores.

Melanie Kraus
I have not been there in a long time. Last time I was there was with my parents. I thought it was neat little town back then. Could you send me some information on reelsville Indiana.

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

I love downtown because there is so much life all around. From the shoppers walking the streets to the workers stocking the stores. Everybody comes together in one place, different purposes, yet all the same. Downtown stores are always so beautiful. You can see the care workers put into making their store not only clean and beautiful, but also safe and homey.

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Judy Caverly
Interesting shops, good restaurants, friendly people.

i have been here since 2005 and fell in love with downtown, the shops are amazing, good prices, nice people, great gifts ect... the scenery is wonderful as well

Mary Morales

High quality group of restaurants and wonderful shops! Authentic old fashioned down-town atmosphere brings it all together very well.

Darcie Maassen
I love Downtown because I love the beautiful historic buildings. It's a very pretty area aesthetically. I also appreciate the great variety of delicious dining within a small area. Favorites include Capers, Pomodori, Paisanos, Bricktowne Brewery, Elements Tapas bar, Porters, Larks and 4 Daughters. They are all within 4-5 blocks!

Carol Rotas

Schuyler Judd
Interesting people and shops!

Diane Koivunen
Love the yarn store and the restaurants

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