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Welcome to Downtown Dupont, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

1520 Wilmington Drive # 100
Downtown Dupont

Old Fort Lake Grill-Dupont
2300 Hoffman Hill Boulevard
Downtown Dupont

Dashmesh Enterprises
1520 Wilmington Drive
Downtown Dupont

Fortune Cookie Restaurant
1575 Wilmington Drive # 160
Downtown Dupont

Places to Stay

1400 Wilmington Drive
Downtown DuPont

Hampton Inn and Suites DuPont
800 Station Drive
Downtown Dupont

GuestHouse Inn & Suites Dupont
1609 McNeil St.
Downtown DuPont

We Love Downtown

It has some unique stores.

Manuel Del Jesus RamosVasconcelos
Nice Beat

Diane Koivunen
Love the yarn store and the restaurants

Brandon Trujillo
Great Food

Sandy saltzer
Great shopping

Dorothy schneibolk
We plan to visit

Dianna Branden
I love the quaint little boutiques.

Just a fun place to visit.

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

Snow Charpentier
It's grown and changed so much since I moved away for a few years and came back. Great to see a lot of smaller businesses expanding and hoping to contribute to the growth of downtown Medford.

Visiting in July for the 1st time!

Mary jo bos
My daughter moved to Talent this summer and I came to visit her for Christmas. She took me to the downtown Ashland area to shop. I love fall the shops and the friendliness .

Rebekah Nelson
I'm visiting for the first time next week and I'm considering relocating to Ashland. I've heard so many great things about it!

Angela Shields
I will be visiting Ashland for the first time this coming weekend! I have heard from numerous people what a great town it is and how much I will like it. Very excited to check it out and do some shopping!

Tracy Friend
It's adorable and friendly. Love to visit all the shops.

Kimberly Turner
We love to vacation and visit downtown.

i have been here since 2005 and fell in love with downtown, the shops are amazing, good prices, nice people, great gifts ect... the scenery is wonderful as well

Jennifer Birmingham
Love all the local shops.

Channal Styers
Will be my first visit taking Easter train ride on Saturday to Watertown super excited see what in this great town!

Darle & Tom Warta
Convent, close, & friendly people!

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