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Welcome to Downtown Eagle Point, Oregon


Things are better in Downtown Eagle Point

Eagle Point offers many downtown shopping options and you are sure to find what you are looking for by browsing the streets of downtown Eagle Point, Oregon. When staying in Eagle Point, be sure to ask if you are situated conveniently downtown which can put you in walking distance of your favorite shops. It's easy to find your favorite dining cuisine by searching for Eagle Point restaurants.

Just remember that whatever you decide to do that "Things are better downtown!"

Places to Eat & Drink

Ed's Oasis
299 Old Highway 62
Downtown Eagle Point

Purple Parrot
11264 Highway 62
Downtown Eagle Point

Molly Crowe
7341 South Fork Ltle Bte Road
Downtown Eagle Point

6608 Table Rock
3900 East Antelope Road
Downtown Eagle Point

Wishbone H Ranch
4958 Butte Falls Highway
Downtown Eagle Point

10510 Highway 62
Downtown Eagle Point

Arthur's Restaurant
100 Eagle Point Drive
Downtown Eagle Point

Barbwire Grill
7341 South Fork Ltle Bte Road
Downtown Eagle Point

W L & C
101 Chateau Drive
Downtown Eagle Point

Purple Parrot
10546 Highway 62
Downtown Eagle Point

Juan's El Caporal
14420 Highway 62
Downtown Eagle Point

New Chan's Palace
162 West Main St
Downtown Eagle Point

Robert's Restaurant Restoration
600 West Dutton Road
Downtown Eagle Point

Places to Stay

We Love Downtown

Holly Harms
We are visiting for the first time!

the scenery, the people, love the activities that go on, even on holidays Ashland is the best to be in, the adventures and animals you can see on a daily bases, and most of all, kid friendly

Taree Hines

Jolette Kosier
We are coming to Anoka this weekend we would like to see what this area has to see and enjoy.

Brandon Trujillo
Great Food

Manuel Del Jesus RamosVasconcelos
Nice Beat

Heather Anne Hopfinger
You do not have to walk far for a movie or some place great to shop or workout

Deborah Wilson
We enjoy local dining and shopping.

Bob Puthoff
I'm sending some clients there this Summer and want to get them a discount card to shop. Thanks!

Susan Sunday
Adorable - been 1x and going back tomorrow with my friends

Maureen is there

Gen McClelland
going for my 1st visit in beginning of August

Downtown Salem is getting better and better - love the small businesses!

Carrie Homier
6 women looking to explore the area. We will be there Feb. 18th. Whatever you can do to open our wallets easier and more economical would be much appreciated and fun! Thank you.

Jennifer Wagner
First time downtown!

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