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Welcome to Downtown Eastsound, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

Bilbos Festivo
310 A St
Downtown Eastsound

Odd Fellows Hall Kitchen
112 Haven Road
Downtown Eastsound

White Lotus Cafe & Catering
109 North Beach Road
Downtown Eastsound

Straight Shots
296 Eastman Road
Downtown Eastsound

253 Emilys Orchard Lane
Downtown Eastsound

Fire Smokehouse & Grill
104 Shady Lane
Downtown Eastsound

Lulu's Pasta Rustica
325 Prune Alley
Downtown Eastsound

Madden Restaurants
1400 Rosario Road
Downtown Eastsound

Enzo's Gallery Cafe
365 North Beach Road
Downtown Eastsound

Chez Chloe Cafe
109 North Beach Road
Downtown Eastsound

Flap Jack Joes
2599 Mount Baker Lane
Downtown Eastsound

West Sound Store & Cafe
4362 Crow Valley Road
Downtown Eastsound

Cabo San Juan Restaurant & Taq

Downtown Eastsound

New Leaf Cafe
171 Main St
Downtown Eastsound

Mullen Edible Enterprises Ltd
310 Main St
Downtown Eastsound

Allium Restaurant
310 Main St
Downtown Eastsound

Local-Goods Orcas Roast

Downtown Eastsound

Ecotopian Dinner Theater
365 Beach Haven Road
Downtown Eastsound

310 A St
Downtown Eastsound

Places to Stay

We Love Downtown

Michelle Kleyne
Great vibe

Susan Sunday
Adorable - been 1x and going back tomorrow with my friends

Mara Crane
I haven't been downtown yet.

Krista Bailey
fun and fun

Crystal Wood
Always rich in diversity and intriguing in atmosphere, it's busy, lively and full of color and wonderful aromas! A great experience for the senses.

Alicia Hansen
I love the unique products and small town vibe.

Tracy Friend
It's adorable and friendly. Love to visit all the shops.

kelly jordan
shops and food

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Darle & Tom Warta
Convent, close, & friendly people!

Very charming.

Mary Warszynski
I have not been there yet. I am planning a family outing for March.

Carrie AGNEW
why not?

Snow Charpentier
It's grown and changed so much since I moved away for a few years and came back. Great to see a lot of smaller businesses expanding and hoping to contribute to the growth of downtown Medford.

Dorothy Wilson
Unique shopping-love the atmosphere

kristin Cutler
It's so cute and quaint.

Megan H.
I love being able to browse a variety of my favorite restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of convenient parking. Enjoying local fare and live music downtown after a grilling day at the office makes every day feel like the weekend.

Cathrine Sutton
Cute shops

Kathy Tidmarsh
will be staying in Aug. 2017 and looking forward to enjoying your town

Richard Held
Unique shops.

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