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Welcome to Downtown Enumclaw, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

El Ranchito
1000 Griffin Avenue # 1000
Downtown Enumclaw

Alpine Inn Restaurant
33818 Crystal Mountain Boulevard
Downtown Enumclaw

Emry Bbq
1508 3rd St
Downtown Enumclaw

1521 Cole St
Downtown Enumclaw

Greenwater Kettle Inn
58120 State Route 410 East
Downtown Enumclaw

Summit House
33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard
Downtown Enumclaw

Pard's Place
1324 Roosevelt Avenue East
Downtown Enumclaw

Flesner Christi
1055 Division St Apartment 1
Downtown Enumclaw

Summit House Restaurant
33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard
Downtown Enumclaw

Mountain Inn Restaurant
58106 Sr 410 East Greenwater
Downtown Enumclaw

LA Cocina
1547 Mchugh Avenue
Downtown Enumclaw

Snorting Elk
33818 Crystal Mountain Boulevard
Downtown Enumclaw

730 Griffin Avenue
Downtown Enumclaw

Historic Mint Ale House
1608 Cole St
Downtown Enumclaw

1666 Garrett St
Downtown Enumclaw

1009 Monroe Avenue # C
Downtown Enumclaw

Places to Stay

Park Center Hotel
1000 Griffin Ave
Downtown Enumclaw

Cedars Inn
1334 Roosevelt Ave E
Downtown Enumclaw

We Love Downtown

Taree Hines

Sandy saltzer
Great shopping

Roberta Gomes
it's so quaint!

Deborah Wilson
We enjoy local dining and shopping.

Megan H.
I love being able to browse a variety of my favorite restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of convenient parking. Enjoying local fare and live music downtown after a grilling day at the office makes every day feel like the weekend.

Tammy Benson
Shopping eating and site seing

Carol Rotas

High quality group of restaurants and wonderful shops! Authentic old fashioned down-town atmosphere brings it all together very well.

Darle & Tom Warta
Convent, close, & friendly people!

Kimberly Turner
We love to vacation and visit downtown.

Judy Dechent
My daughter and her fiance are relocating from PA to Ashland. They leave next week. I've heard nothing but great things from them and look forward to visiting.

Snow Charpentier
It's grown and changed so much since I moved away for a few years and came back. Great to see a lot of smaller businesses expanding and hoping to contribute to the growth of downtown Medford.

I just love the small town vibe.

Liisa Shunn
We love going downtown, because we like to support our local economy. The shops and restaurants we visit -- we have gotten to know the owners, so when our money is spent downtown, we know who benefits. Also? We live only a mile from downtown, so we walk or ride our bikes. No worries about a designated driver or looking for parking. We chose to live in Medford, so of course we want our money to stay in Medford, not going off to some corporate office of a chain store.

Michelle Kleyne
Great vibe

heather ashbaker
this will be my first visit

Stephanie Seavers
Close to work but also love all the small business owners, friendliness and just how supporting our local area makes me feel!

Heather Anne Hopfinger
You do not have to walk far for a movie or some place great to shop or workout

It has some unique stores.

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

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