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Downtown Lakewood, Washington

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Main Street of old Downtown Lakewood speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Lakewood the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Lakewood has the perfect game shop for both young and old. Your friends and family will enjoy hours of entertainment with a wide selection of board games, card games and games of skill. A perfect stop for travellers with kids and those seeking a new adventure for game night.

Downtown Lakewood hosts several events per year for your listening enjoyment but visit your piano shop to learn how to play and possibly purchase your grand, upright or digital piano. Donít forget the specialty work involved such as tuning and moving which are performed by skilled technicians.

Downtown Lakewood thanks the collection of small business owners who devote their time and energy to make shopping downtown a great experience. Inventory offered downtown is shopped by the merchant buyer to bring the best products to your neighborhood.

Downtown Lakewood can warm you up on a cloudy day or simply offer your daily perk by visiting your local coffee shop. Quality, purity and punch are targeted with coffee beans curated globally and locally roasted while being served fresh as it is made right in front of you. Order up!

Why do you love downtown?

Carrie Homier
6 women looking to explore the area. We will be there Feb. 18th. Whatever you can do to open our wallets easier and more economical would be much appreciated and fun! Thank you.

Jackie Avery
I love supporting locals, the view, and atmosphere!

kelly jordan
shops and food

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Kathleen Gerds
Looking forward to Ashland downtown. Theater and shopping here we come.

Restaurants in Lakewood, Washington

Angeline's Fili-Amer Cuisine

5107 Diamond Boulevard Sw
Downtown Lakewood

A Taste Of Soul

14818 Union Avenue Sw
Downtown Lakewood

Amazing Ray's World Class Eatery & Cater

8948 Gravelly Lake Drive Sw A
Downtown Lakewood

Bamboo Property Management

9500 Front St South # 200
Downtown Lakewood

99 Bar & Grill

12430 Pacific Highway Sw
Downtown Lakewood

Auntie Babes Home Cooking

10320 102nd St Sw
Downtown Lakewood

Acostas Gourmet Dog Biscuits

8711 58th Avenue Sw Apartment A
Downtown Lakewood

B & I Teriyaki

6501 93rd St Sw
Downtown Lakewood

Downtown Lakewood Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Lakewood can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Other sources of noise can be opening and closing trash dumpsters and also during collection by garbage trucks. Another great question is if they have any renovation plans, or underway that could affect your ability to relax. Pack earplugs and eyeshades!

Most hotel offer a complimentary breakfast bar or even a full cafe meal with your choice of a full menu. Keep in mind that some offer nothing at all so it is a good idea to pack a few packets of instant oatmeal for a quick and easy meal before you head out for the day.

Ask to be placed opposite of any roadways. Road noise can be a constant source of pollution which may not be a noticeable problem during the day but reveals itself at night. Donít be afraid to request a room change to get a better sleep.

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