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Welcome to Downtown Monmouth, Oregon

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Places to Eat & Drink

J Bar B Ranch
16750 Airlie Road
Downtown Monmouth

Yeasty Beasty
167 Main St West
Downtown Monmouth

Muchas Gracias
601 Clay St East
Downtown Monmouth

Main Street Pub & Eatery
169 Main St West
Downtown Monmouth

Partnerships in Comm Living
380 Pacific Avenue North
Downtown Monmouth

Big Town Hero
564 Powell St East
Downtown Monmouth

Sing Fay Restaurant
198 Main St West
Downtown Monmouth

Places to Stay

270 Pacific Ave N
Downtown Monmouth

We Love Downtown

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

Dawnmarie Hatfield
We love supporting local businesses wherever we visit.

Debbie Kimpel
We are coming in August to visit . My husband is related to Esther, the town was named after. We would like to visit some Historial areas there and also visit the downtown area as well.

Kara Braud
Beautiful place!

Dianna Branden
I love the quaint little boutiques.

Sharon Skipton
Will be there in a week. Looks like a great town!

Harriet Rapista
Never been but planning to go in August

Don Nguyen
Am new to Cedar Park from California, would like to get a discount card and begin exploring Cedar Park.

Tammy Benson
Shopping eating and site seing

Mike Adamski
Love shopping for unique finds and supporting local shops!

Taree Hines

Angela Corrigan
Convenient, friendly. Stayed at Kermit inn.

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Downtown Salem is getting better and better - love the small businesses!

Schuyler Judd
Interesting people and shops!

Dorothy schneibolk
We plan to visit

Mary Morales

Michelle Reesey
Haven't been there yet. Trip is planned in April.

Sophie Jacobson
I love downtown because it offers something for everyone!

Carrie AGNEW
why not?

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