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Welcome to Downtown North Bend, Oregon

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Places to Eat & Drink

Expresso Dune
68752 Hauser Depot Road
Downtown North Bend

Crossroads Community Cafe
1972 Sherman Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Backstreet Saloon
2524 Pine St
Downtown North Bend

Ungers Bay
2711 Brussells St
Downtown North Bend

Dishner's Fine Foods
2603 Broadway Avenue
Downtown North Bend

3390 Broadway Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Mom's Kitchen
1603 Sherman Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Ciccarelli's Restaurant
2076 Sherman Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Thai Gourmet
1802 Virginia Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Hilltop House
93405 Willsey Lane
Downtown North Bend

Kozy Kitchen
2265 Newmark St
Downtown North Bend

Marcy S Restaurant
1903 Sherman Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Autumn House
3491 Broadway Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Virginia Street Diner
1430 Virginia Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Papa Hudson
2290 Newmark St # 1
Downtown North Bend

Top Dog Espresso Co
93494 West Eagle Lane
Downtown North Bend

Humboldt Club
2056 Sherman Avenue
Downtown North Bend

Momiji Japanese Restaurant & Sushi
3140 Tremont St
Downtown North Bend

Places to Stay

Quality Inn & Suites at Coos Bay
1503 Virginia Ave
Downtown North Bend

We Love Downtown

Friday Nelson
Just moved to Jacksonville. What an adorable little town!

Mary Morales

Debbie Kimpel
We are coming in August to visit . My husband is related to Esther, the town was named after. We would like to visit some Historial areas there and also visit the downtown area as well.

Ryan gregory
The food

Diana wheelen

Harriet Rapista
Never been but planning to go in August

The variety of shops!

Very charming.

Taree Hines

Maureen is there

Randy Swansen
We haven't been before, but we're looking forward to coming down next week!

Carol Rotas

Angela Shields
I will be visiting Ashland for the first time this coming weekend! I have heard from numerous people what a great town it is and how much I will like it. Very excited to check it out and do some shopping!

Diane morgon
We are coming to visit and looks very interesting.

Mary Ann Schlumpberger
It is just a fun place to go! Love Blind Georges' popcorn

Kimberly Turner
Shopping is fun and food is fantastic!

kristin Cutler
It's so cute and quaint.

Judy Caverly
Interesting shops, good restaurants, friendly people.

i have been here since 2005 and fell in love with downtown, the shops are amazing, good prices, nice people, great gifts ect... the scenery is wonderful as well

Tammy Benson
Shopping eating and site seing

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