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Welcome to Downtown Othello, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

El Caporal
1244 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Taquiera Guerrero
1149 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Clubhouse Restaurant
2269 West Mockingbird Lane
Downtown Othello

Nina's Venezuelan Takeout
543 Main St
Downtown Othello

Bo Bo Cattle Co
2453 West Hatton Road
Downtown Othello

Tacos Mi Carniceria
81 North 4th Avenue
Downtown Othello

Chieco's Mexican Grill
1180 South 1st Avenue
Downtown Othello

Julian Martinez Iii
354 First Avenue
Downtown Othello

Louie S Restaurant Corpor
640 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Brunswick Bar & Grill
28 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Golden Fountain
640 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Checo's Mexican Grill
1180 South 1st Avenue
Downtown Othello

Jakes Tacomaker Over Top
810 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Nina's Venezuelan Takeout
543 Main
Downtown Othello

Restaurant Los Compadres
1244 East Main St
Downtown Othello

Places to Stay

Downtown Othello

We Love Downtown

Richard Held
Unique shops.

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Alicia Hansen
I love the unique products and small town vibe.

It has some unique stores.

Judy Dechent
My daughter and her fiance are relocating from PA to Ashland. They leave next week. I've heard nothing but great things from them and look forward to visiting.

Stephanie Seavers
Close to work but also love all the small business owners, friendliness and just how supporting our local area makes me feel!

Debbie Kimpel
We are coming in August to visit . My husband is related to Esther, the town was named after. We would like to visit some Historial areas there and also visit the downtown area as well.

Jennifer Moranda
Planning my first trip.

Jennifer Birmingham
Love all the local shops.

Jolette Kosier
We are coming to Anoka this weekend we would like to see what this area has to see and enjoy.

Dianna Branden
I love the quaint little boutiques.

Manuel Del Jesus RamosVasconcelos
Nice Beat

Roberta Gomes
it's so quaint!

Tammy Benson
Shopping eating and site seing

Channal Styers
Will be my first visit taking Easter train ride on Saturday to Watertown super excited see what in this great town!

I love downtown because there is so much life all around. From the shoppers walking the streets to the workers stocking the stores. Everybody comes together in one place, different purposes, yet all the same. Downtown stores are always so beautiful. You can see the care workers put into making their store not only clean and beautiful, but also safe and homey.

Michelle Goodrich
Nice Shops

Harriet Rapista
Never been but planning to go in August

Mary Morales

Tracy Friend
It's adorable and friendly. Love to visit all the shops.

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