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Downtown Pasadena, California

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Fun things to do in downtown Pasadena, California
  • Main Street of old Downtown Pasadena speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Pasadena the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.
  • Downtown Pasadena hosts several events per year for your listening enjoyment but visit your piano shop to learn how to play and possibly purchase your grand, upright or digital piano. Donít forget the specialty work involved such as tuning and moving which are performed by skilled technicians.

  • Downtown Pasadena has that special dining venue and you are sure to find something to please with numerous meals served to satisfy each palette. A wide variety of restaurants and delis are available to choose from with a nice selection of entrees and especially desserts.

  • Downtown Pasadena has several options for shopping for specialty food items that are not found in regular grocery stores. Shops tailored for ďfoodiesĒ offer tastings of the products as well as scheduled culinary classes to perfect your skills. Shop for infused oils, salts and spices from around the World!

  • Downtown Pasadena is the place to plan your wedding. Youíll be spending a lot of time downtown as there are so many wonderful shops to find invitations, photographers, bakers, caterers and jewelers. Planning your wedding will be a breeze with so much support from local merchants to make a perfect and memorable day.

Why do you love downtown?

Tracy Friend
It's adorable and friendly. Love to visit all the shops.

I just love the small town vibe.

Stephanie Seavers
Close to work but also love all the small business owners, friendliness and just how supporting our local area makes me feel!

Judy Dechent
My daughter and her fiance are relocating from PA to Ashland. They leave next week. I've heard nothing but great things from them and look forward to visiting.

Kimberly Turner
We love to vacation and visit downtown.

Aux Delices

16 West Colorado Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

561 Restaurant

561 East Green St
Downtown Pasadena

Big Daddy's Fire Grill

2122 East Foothill Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Arlington Garden In Pasadena

295 Arlington Drive
Downtown Pasadena

Ale Trail

460 South Oakland Avenue Apartment 107
Downtown Pasadena

Beard Papa's Sweets Cafe

415 South Lake Avenue # 103
Downtown Pasadena


162 North Sierra Madre Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Azeen's Afghani Restaurant

110 East Union St
Downtown Pasadena

B C's Donuts

2525 East Foothill Boulevard # 1
Downtown Pasadena

Art Of Food

23 East Colo Boulevard # 205
Downtown Pasadena

A Roses Ranulfo

1597 East Washington Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Beckham Place

77 West Walnut St
Downtown Pasadena

1810 Argentinian Restaurant

121 West Colorado Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Amigo's Restaurant

1076 East Colorado Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Aac Restaurant

2122 East Foothill Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

300 Pasadena

3545 East Foothill Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Berri's Bistro

69 North Raymond Avenue
Downtown Pasadena

Bambino's Cafe

850 South Arroyo Parkway
Downtown Pasadena

Aka Bistro

41 Hugus Alley
Downtown Pasadena

A Js Fish & Chips

696 East Colo Boulevard # 11
Downtown Pasadena

Barney's Beanery

99 East Colorado Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

Arroyo Chop House

536 South Arroyo Parkway
Downtown Pasadena

Babylon Mediterranean Restaurant

162 North Sierra Madre Boulevard
Downtown Pasadena

72 North,

72 N Fair Oaks Avenue
Downtown Pasadena

Downtown Pasadena Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Pasadena can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Avoid booking poolside for kids playing during the day and gatherings at night. Sound bounces off of the water and voices carry so ask for a room away from the pool either on the opposite side of the hotel or in higher floors.

  • Policies vary on the availability of pet friendly rooms to it is wise to be open, honest and upfront during the booking process. You may find yourself kicked out or even paying a large deposit if you are not in a pet-friendly hotel and bring one anyway. New ADA laws are fuzzy though as service animals are not required to be documented and proprietors are legally not allowed to ask if the animal is a pet vs. a service animal.

  • Bring an actual credit card to avoid deposits and pre-authorizations consuming money in your checking account which will reduce your available balance. Hotels that accept paper cash often ask for a hefty deposit to cover potential damages in your room leaving you scrambling to find an ATM.

1633 E Colorado Blvd

Pasadena Inn
400 S Arroyo Pkwy

Howard Johnson Pasadena
1599 E Colorado Blvd

Lincoln Motel
1559 Lincoln Ave

Ramada Inn Pasadena
2156 E Colorado Blvd

Hilton Pasadena
168 S Los Robles Ave

The Westin Pasadena
191 N Los Robles Ave

Best Western Pasadena Royale
3600 E Colorado Blvd

Hotel Le RÍve Pasadena
3321 E Colorado Blvd

1203 East Colorado Boulevard

Swiss Lodge Motel
2800 East Colorado Blvd.

Travelodge Pasadena Central
2131 E Colorado Blvd