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Places to Eat & Drink

Old Farmhouse Restaurant

723 Main St
Downtown Phoenix

Joe's Restaurant

723 Main St
Downtown Phoenix

Pomodori Bistro & Wine Bar

Po Box 1023
Downtown Phoenix

Randy's Restaurant

723 Main St
Downtown Phoenix

Bento Phoenix

107 4th St
Downtown Phoenix


723 Main St
Downtown Phoenix


115 Rhonda Lane
Downtown Phoenix

Annie King Allen King

723 Main St
Downtown Phoenix

Places to Stay

Phoenix Motel
510 North Main Street
Downtown Phoenix

Americas Best Inn
300 Pear Tree Lane
Downtown Phoenix

We Love Downtown

Sandy saltzer
Great shopping

Mara Crane
I haven't been downtown yet.

Great vibe to this town! My mom lives in Medford so when I come to visit, I like to stop in Ashland.

Mary Warszynski
I have not been there yet. I am planning a family outing for March.

Jessica L Smith
Love the atmosphere and the people!

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

Taree Hines

Catherine Payne
Great vibe! Low key. Feels like old time Hawaii.

Joyce gugger
Very relaxing ! Nice folks on the west coast

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

Molly MacTaggart
Always love quaint, historic downtown areas, late April will be our first visit to Dillon.

Visiting in July for the 1st time!

Gina Christ
Old time charm; friendly people

Gen McClelland
going for my 1st visit in beginning of August

Crystal Stewart
I grew up,visiting Emelton.

Christy Richards
Because I love to shop local and the stores and owners make your visit welcoming inviting you to return again with a smile on their face.

Crystal Wood
Always rich in diversity and intriguing in atmosphere, it's busy, lively and full of color and wonderful aromas! A great experience for the senses.

Jackie Avery
I love supporting locals, the view, and atmosphere!

Mary Ann Schlumpberger
It is just a fun place to go! Love Blind Georges' popcorn

Kathy Burchett
I've never been and I would like to visit the downtown area, during my visit. During our last visit, we were not aware of a downtown area. Thank You!!!

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