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Welcome to Downtown Poulsbo, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

Himalayan Chutneys Restaurant
18801 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Bond Bistro
20696 Bond Road Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Ciao Bella
580 Nw Finn Hill Road
Downtown Poulsbo

Dining In Woods
1968 Ptarmigan Lane Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Marina Market
18882 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Sogno Di Vino
18830 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Bayside Broiler Restaurant
18779 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Sian Palace Restaurant
20530 Viking Avenue Nw Unit A
Downtown Poulsbo

Photai Restaurant
19367 7th Avenue Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Campana's Restaurant Slvrdl
19815 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Ye Olde Copper Kettle
18881 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Sheila's Bay Cafe
18779 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Taprock NW Grill
760 Liberty Way
Downtown Poulsbo

Innovative Services
16952 Clear Creek Road Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

What's For Dinner
20270 Front St Ne # 102
Downtown Poulsbo

18779 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Mor Mor Bistro
18820 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Emily's Bistro
19472 Powder Hill Place Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

19559 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Peninsula Dinner Club
19470 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Pampanguenyas Cuisine
19559 Viking Avenue Nw # 106
Downtown Poulsbo

Cheles Gourmet & Ethels Cuisin
19045 State Rt 305 Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Mucky Duck Restaurant
19559 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

305 Diner
18713 State Highway 305 Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Bainbridge Bistro

Downtown Poulsbo

Places to Stay

Poulsbo Inn & Suites
18680 State Highway 305
Downtown Poulsbo

GuestHouse Inn & Suites Hotel Poulsbo-Kitsap
19801 7th Ave NE
Downtown Poulsbo

We Love Downtown

Michelle Reesey
Haven't been there yet. Trip is planned in April.

Kim Ward
Unique and wonderful shopping.

Laurie MvNamara
Love all the shopping and beautiful place to be!

Kathleen Gerds
Looking forward to Ashland downtown. Theater and shopping here we come.

Taree Hines

So unique!

Diane Koivunen
Love the yarn store and the restaurants

Jerretta O'Haver
Heading Downtown in August 2017 !

heather ashbaker
this will be my first visit

Susan Sunday
Adorable - been 1x and going back tomorrow with my friends

Whenever we travel north, we stop for a couple extra days of shopping and relaxing in Ashland Oregon. Quaint, pretty, relaxing Ashland.

Just a fun place to visit.

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Sking King
I love walking through downtown when the sun finally comes out. You can get a great organic meal at one place, yummy sushi nearby, and awesome beer. Not to mention the Criterion has fabulous shows.

Deborah Wilson
We enjoy local dining and shopping.

Jennifer Birmingham
Love all the local shops.

Kimberly Turner
Shopping is fun and food is fantastic!

Krista Bailey
fun and fun

Carrie AGNEW
why not?

Don Nguyen
Am new to Cedar Park from California, would like to get a discount card and begin exploring Cedar Park.

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