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Places to Eat & Drink

British Pals

20186 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo


19559 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo


18928 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Mucky Duck Restaurant

19559 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Continental Apartments

1783 Ne State Highway 308
Downtown Poulsbo

Peninsula Dinner Club

19470 Viking Avenue Nw
Downtown Poulsbo

Sogno Di Vino

18830 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

The Home Folks

4847 Ne Lincoln Road
Downtown Poulsbo

Lola's Mexican Kitchen

19015 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Sheila's Bay Cafe

18779 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Burrata Bistro

19006 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Pho Tai

19367 7th Avenue Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Marina Market

18882 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Burrato Bistro

19006 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Taprock NW Grill

760 Liberty Way
Downtown Poulsbo

Dining In Woods

1968 Ptarmigan Lane Nw
Downtown Poulsbo


19559 Viking Avenue Nw # 100
Downtown Poulsbo


18779 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Himalayan Chutneys Restaurant

18801 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Ye Olde Copper Kettle

18881 Front St
Downtown Poulsbo

Casa Rojas Express

19723 10th Avenue Ne # 108
Downtown Poulsbo

Crimson Cove Smoke Specs

18928 Front St Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Emily's Bistro

19472 Powder Hill Place Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Orca Fair

19045 State Highway 305 Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

305 Diner

18713 State Highway 305 Ne
Downtown Poulsbo

Places to Stay

Poulsbo Inn & Suites
18680 State Highway 305
Downtown Poulsbo

GuestHouse Inn & Suites Hotel Poulsbo-Kitsap
19801 7th Ave NE
Downtown Poulsbo

We Love Downtown

Kim Patrick
There is a lot of unique things to find.

Debbie Kimpel
We are coming in August to visit . My husband is related to Esther, the town was named after. We would like to visit some Historial areas there and also visit the downtown area as well.

Gen McClelland
going for my 1st visit in beginning of August

Mary Loar
There are so many cute stores in Silverton. We are going on Thursday to shop and dine.

Have not been there but coming on a bus trip next weekend. Looking forward to shopping & sight seeing

Richard Held
Unique shops.

Kathleen Zimmerman
I get the best of both worlds of big city living and upper peninsula awareness.

Rebekah Gellert
I am visiting for the first time tomorrow evening, and am hoping to find out about any events that may be happening for the Memorial Day weekend. Dining tips, etc! Thank you!

Deborah Wilson
We enjoy local dining and shopping.

Diana wheelen

Dianna Branden
I love the quaint little boutiques.

Tammy Benson
Shopping eating and site seing

the scenery, the people, love the activities that go on, even on holidays Ashland is the best to be in, the adventures and animals you can see on a daily bases, and most of all, kid friendly

Shawna Moore
I like the old school charm and love supporting the local merchants!

Caren Murphy
Cute shops, great crab cakes, friendly.

Bob Puthoff
I'm sending some clients there this Summer and want to get them a discount card to shop. Thanks!

Terri Simon
I love to dine at the Inn and to shop at specialty shops.

Jerretta O'Haver
Heading Downtown in August 2017 !

Megan H.
I love being able to browse a variety of my favorite restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of convenient parking. Enjoying local fare and live music downtown after a grilling day at the office makes every day feel like the weekend.

Friday Nelson
Just moved to Jacksonville. What an adorable little town!

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