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Welcome to Downtown Prosser, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

1207 1/2 Meade Avenue
Downtown Prosser

El Dorado
1827 Wine Country Road
Downtown Prosser

Garcia's Drive Thru
101302 West Foisy Road
Downtown Prosser

Restaurant Camino Real Lp
1219 Meade Avenue
Downtown Prosser

Papa Tuds Pizzio
1232 Meade Avenue
Downtown Prosser

Jubilee Ministry-Food Bank
1429 Stacy Avenue
Downtown Prosser

Golden Horse Chinese Restaurant
108 Merlot Drive
Downtown Prosser

Restaurante El Dorado
1827 Wine Country Road
Downtown Prosser

The Pitt Stop
403 Wine Country Road
Downtown Prosser

Pacific Restaurant Ventures
102 Merlot Drive
Downtown Prosser

Hogg Heaven Bbq
1232 Meade Avenue
Downtown Prosser

Keno's Restaurant
615 6th St
Downtown Prosser

Keno & Company
615 6th St
Downtown Prosser

Places to Stay

259 Merlot Drive
Downtown Prosser

We Love Downtown

I've never been there but I love small town Main Streets

The variety of shops!

Crystal Wood
Always rich in diversity and intriguing in atmosphere, it's busy, lively and full of color and wonderful aromas! A great experience for the senses.

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Angela Corrigan
Convenient, friendly. Stayed at Kermit inn.

Alicia Hansen
I love the unique products and small town vibe.

Schuyler Judd
Interesting people and shops!

Dorothy schneibolk
We plan to visit

Judy Caverly
Interesting shops, good restaurants, friendly people.

Kimberly Turner
Shopping is fun and food is fantastic!

kelly jordan
shops and food

Judy Dechent
My daughter and her fiance are relocating from PA to Ashland. They leave next week. I've heard nothing but great things from them and look forward to visiting.

Catherine Payne
Great vibe! Low key. Feels like old time Hawaii.

Kim Patrick
There is a lot of unique things to find.

We will be making our first visit to downtown Grant's Pass and would love to have a discount card to use while shopping there.

Darle & Tom Warta
Convent, close, & friendly people!

i have been here since 2005 and fell in love with downtown, the shops are amazing, good prices, nice people, great gifts ect... the scenery is wonderful as well

Stephanie Seavers
Close to work but also love all the small business owners, friendliness and just how supporting our local area makes me feel!

lyndi hatch
It has such great shopping.

Taylor Stainbrook
I've never been to Spicewood but my sisters and I will be coming on June 2nd for a sister vacay weekend.

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