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Welcome to Downtown Shelton, Washington

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Places to Eat & Drink

Lakeside Restaurant
1430 Se Crescent Drive
Downtown Shelton

Taqueria Rancho Durango
1927 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

Major Peppers
1847 Summit Drive
Downtown Shelton

Taqueria La Pena
110 South 1st St
Downtown Shelton

Sunset Beach Oyster CO
750 Se State Route 3
Downtown Shelton

Strip Steak House
405 West Railroad Avenue
Downtown Shelton

Roosters Restaurant
3001 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

K & J Shellfish
91 E Scott Drive
Downtown Shelton

Northwestern Foods
1928 South 2nd St
Downtown Shelton

Philly Bobs Cheesesteaks Etc
124 North 1st St
Downtown Shelton

Lake Nahwatzel Resort Restaurant
12900 West Shelton Matlock Road
Downtown Shelton

Palmas Las
116 East Cota St
Downtown Shelton

Mcfarland Restaurants
1927 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

Amanda Lyn Givens
2333 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

Lefties Pub & Eatery
5153 East Pickering Road
Downtown Shelton

Twana Trade Center Luncheon Parlor
80 North Tribal Center Road
Downtown Shelton

Muasau Omelette
60 East Treewater Place
Downtown Shelton

Charritos Restaurant
110 South 1st St
Downtown Shelton

Oakland Bay Co
405 West Railroad Avenue
Downtown Shelton

El Sarape
2503 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

Paula Whitley
110 South 1st St
Downtown Shelton

Lucky Strike Restaurant
733 South 1st St
Downtown Shelton

Dona Rebeccas Tacos Y Latino
61 West Palomino Place
Downtown Shelton

2507 Olympic Highway North
Downtown Shelton

The Lunchbox
301 East Wllce Knlnd Boulevard # 221
Downtown Shelton

Places to Stay

Shelton Inn
628 West Railroad Avenue
Downtown Shelton

91 West State Toute 108
Downtown Shelton

Super 8 Shelton Wa
2943 Northview Circle
Downtown Shelton

We Love Downtown

Channal Styers
Will be my first visit taking Easter train ride on Saturday to Watertown super excited see what in this great town!

Gina Christ
Old time charm; friendly people

Mary Morales

Tammy Grubbs
First time visitors

Diana wheelen

Tracy Hart
Just purchased a home nearby and am looking forward to shopping in the area

kelly jordan
shops and food

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Snow Charpentier
It's grown and changed so much since I moved away for a few years and came back. Great to see a lot of smaller businesses expanding and hoping to contribute to the growth of downtown Medford.

Kathy Tidmarsh
will be staying in Aug. 2017 and looking forward to enjoying your town

heather ashbaker
this will be my first visit

I love downtown because there is so much life all around. From the shoppers walking the streets to the workers stocking the stores. Everybody comes together in one place, different purposes, yet all the same. Downtown stores are always so beautiful. You can see the care workers put into making their store not only clean and beautiful, but also safe and homey.

Mary jo bos
My daughter moved to Talent this summer and I came to visit her for Christmas. She took me to the downtown Ashland area to shop. I love fall the shops and the friendliness .

Kathleen Zimmerman
I get the best of both worlds of big city living and upper peninsula awareness.

Mary Warszynski
I have not been there yet. I am planning a family outing for March.

Great vibe to this town! My mom lives in Medford so when I come to visit, I like to stop in Ashland.

Carol Rotas

Melanie Kraus
I have not been there in a long time. Last time I was there was with my parents. I thought it was neat little town back then. Could you send me some information on reelsville Indiana.

Rebekah Gellert
I am visiting for the first time tomorrow evening, and am hoping to find out about any events that may be happening for the Memorial Day weekend. Dining tips, etc! Thank you!

Kathleen Townsend
It's so quaint and cute!

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