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Downtown Toms River, New Jersey

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Main Street of old Downtown Toms River speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Toms River the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Toms River brings smiles by way of doughnuts and pastries made fresh daily for your enjoyment. Everyone has their favorite of course but having a variety of bakeries is what makes downtown so special. Fritters, scones and pies oh my!

Downtown Toms River offers on-the-go dining when you visit your favorite food truck. Pick up some corn tortilla tacos with freshly made pico with a fresh squeeze of lemon to give your day a boost. Food trucks can offer a wide variety of niche ethnic blends.

Downtown Toms River helps you expand your skills and learn some new ways to expand your artisan flare? Sign up for classes at your kitchen supply store, yarn shop, art and craft shop and photo gallery. You'll be having great fun with your new friends as you you take on that next project.

Downtown Toms River brings the farming community under one marketplace to offer an assortment of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Traditionally, markets are restricted to anything grown so you can expect to see natural whole foods that are sure to please those working on their plant-based diets!

Why do you love downtown?

Manuel Del Jesus RamosVasconcelos
Nice Beat

Kate O'Rorke
We love the amazing shops and restaurants. The city is so clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Robert Drennan
Planning a trip and want to visit after reading all the reviews

Friday Nelson
Just moved to Jacksonville. What an adorable little town!

Michelle Reesey
Haven't been there yet. Trip is planned in April.

Restaurants in Toms River, New Jersey

Band Wagon Diner

2500 Route 37 East
Downtown Toms River

Bahama Breeze

1201 Hooper Avenue
Downtown Toms River

Aqua Blu Kitchen & Cocktails

3411 Route 37 East
Downtown Toms River

Alicove Rg Restaurant Corporation

805 Fischer Boulevard
Downtown Toms River

Beach Burrito

1158 Eugene Drive
Downtown Toms River

Aqua Blu Restaurant & Grill

3410 Route 37 E
Downtown Toms River

Anthony's Fondue & Catering

1222 Rt.166 (Stella Towne Center)
Downtown Toms River

Apana 2

1783 Hooper Avenue
Downtown Toms River

Abe's Mexican Grille

63 Main St
Downtown Toms River

Bake & Bagels

789 Francis Drive
Downtown Toms River

Downtown Toms River Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Toms River can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Always tip staff when you feel the service was great and donít forget the housekeeping staff which you may never see. You should tip every day if you are staying multiple days as the staff may rotate out and miss the bounty at the end.

Always find a reason to email the front desk manager in hotels that you plan to visit again. Tell them what they did right and express your plans to stay again and ask what opportunities there might be for frequent discounts or upgrades on your next visits. If you become friends with the manager, you just might get the friends and family rate some day.

Avoid booking poolside for kids playing during the day and gatherings at night. Sound bounces off of the water and voices carry so ask for a room away from the pool either on the opposite side of the hotel or in higher floors.

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